Tips to Maintain Laminate Floor

When you have your new laminate floors installed it’s time to start with the properly care so you don’t damage your new laminate floors, scratch it in middle in the kitchen or dining room or even worse on your living room. Everybody knows that if a laminate floors is compared with any other wooden floors, laminate floors will be superior against scratches, moisture, humidity, temperature and laminate floors is directed for high traffic areas also, but if you don’t do the properly care, trust me, you will have your laminate floors scratched or damaged.

Tips to Maintain Laminate Floor

When we install laminate floors we take really pride on our service because our mission is to have our customers happy with this flooring experience and also have you to recommend us to all your friends, that’s really important to us that you have a good experience with us !

When installing a new floors we take rolls of plastic and we cover all your furniture,we remove all your pictures from wall so they don’t fell off and break,we clean and vacuum all the subfloor before installing the laminate floors and every part that we have installed we cover so we don’t scratch or damage the flooring that was just installed by us,also is really important when installing the laminate floors that 1/4 of an inch distance exist all around the walls so the laminate floors can move freely over the subfloor,this is really important and if the installer doesn’t do it,after a couple of months you will see all the installed laminate floor warping,buckling up and then you will have to re-do it and worse you will loose all your material and labor hand that you just paid for. A good advice is:always get a licensed and insured laminate floors installer and also get references from past laminate floors installation,ask for real pictures if possible and sure go with your felling, if you think that your contractor will not comply with what he says,just step out!

After you have all your laminate floors installed and is time to move your furniture back on,buy some Floor Felt Pads for your couch,chairs,table and everything you think may cause scratches,when you will place all your furniture in place always carry it and place it with care,”never drag it over the laminate floors or you will get the floors damaged, all these steps is for any type of wood floors, engineered and sanded floors

If you have lot’s of furniture in your house or apartment and don’t know what to do with all the furniture gives a call and we will work with you on this,we are over 20 years experience and we have lots of experience installing laminate, prefinished, engineered floors in houses or apartments where there’s no space to place all the furniture,we cover all the furniture with cloths and plastics,move part of the furniture to one side,install the empty space,move the furniture back on and install the remaining part,and we can do it room by room and all our service is guaranteed!

If you have questions or concerns please fell free to give us a call and talk to us,we will be really happy to be able to help you,even if you live a state that we don’t serve we will do our best to help you with your flooring project,for now we are serving the states of new york, Connecticut,New Jersey and Pennsylvania but if you are in any other state don’t hesitate if you need help,email or call us if you need any advice on prefinished floor, unfinished wood floor, engineered wood floor, laminate floors or ceramic tile, we’re here to help you!

also after having all your laminate installed or any other floors you can purchase at Home Depot,Lowe’s or any other flooring store wood and laminate floor cleaners, so you can maintain your laminate floors always like new laminate floors.

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