Sub Flooring for Laminate Flooring

laminate flooring sub floor

There are so many different types of sub flooring for laminate flooring and other types of flooring systems. We will discuss here the types of sub floor you can and should use in order to have a new laminate flooring installed on ground, below ground and over ground. it means that you will install this types of sub flooring on the main level, basement and above the main level.

laminate flooring is really more resistant than wood flooring in regards to moisture and humidity, but if you are planning on installing your new laminate flooring on a basement we strongly recommend you to read this article about subflooring installation.

Basements condesates most of the humidity and moisture of a house, specially if the soil around your house is in a much higher level than the floor of your basement. other factor that makes this moisture and humidity be higher than the accepted is when all the gutters and downspots are not taking the water away from your basement concrete walls. the water will infiltrate and cause many problems to your structure and bring moisture and humidity which will deffinetely damage your laminate flooring system, sometimes making it useless.

We will describe here some subflooring systems that you can consider before deciding what to do next. We strongly recommend you to call a laminate flooring company licensed and fully insured to inspect your house for a moisture and humidity test before anything. getting a laminate flooring professional will help in many ways. You can get all list of material and an accurate flooring estimate, you will get an idea on how much can cost to have the type of flooring you want installed and will get a professional opinion on what sub flooring is ideal for your project.

The Laminate Flooring Installation Company Recommends for basements and for on ground concrete sob flooring the use of the Dry Core sub flooring system. keep reading you will discover how strong, safety and protective this type product can be for your laminate flooring.


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