Removing Laminate Flooring and Installing a New Flooring

If you have laminate flooring installed several years ago and now you want to make some change, you will no be able to buff, sand or refinish your old laminate flooring. your option would be removing it completely in order to install a new flooring system. When removing the existing floor pay attention to what type of sub-flooring you have under your laminate. the most common types of sub-flooring is concrete, plywood, hard wood board, particle boards.

knowing exactly the material you have there is crucial to know before deciding what kind of wood flooring system you will install next. If you have concrete or cement you can not install solid hardwood flooring, if you have particle board sub flooring you can not install engineered wood flooring, unless you remove it first.

Removing Laminate Flooring and Installing a New Flooring

If you will have laminate flooring installed again you will just need to clean, inspect your sub-flooring for imperfections, provide a floor moisture and humidity testing before installing your new laminate flooring. The National Wood Flooring Association NWFA and  most of the flooring manifactories  recommends the flooring material to placed inside of where it will be installed for at least 48 hours prior to start the installation process. I personally believe you will not need more than 24 hours time to have the laminate flooring acclimatized properly as laminate is not real wood and contraction and expansion is much less than real wood flooring.

Make sure you make the right move before removing your existing laminate flooring, is always advised to contact the professional before you start any home improvement project.


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Nice Laminate Article

Jul 13, 2012 by Jon Dei

I really like your laminate flooring website. Thanks for the nice work !

Great Laminate Flooring Tips

Jul 12, 2012 by Joene Param

Thank you so much to take the time to write about laminate flooring removal, i was thinking about changing my laminate flooring this year. i will contact your company very soon !


Jul 11, 2012 by Bill

It is refreshing to actually see someone endorse the services of a professional. More often than not people are encouraged to attempt their own floor installations by the DIY forums. They never mention the grim consequences and the truly unsatisfying look of a poorly laid floor anf the devalue it can cause a home. I try to encourage people to utilize the help of a professional. Your new floor will look better, last longer and be an asset to your home instead of a liability.

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