Laminate Flooring or Unfinished Wood Flooring

When it comes to decide what flooring to install in your apartment or home you will have to consider some aspects…

  • - What is your subfloor?
  • -What color and design are you looking for?
  • -Do you own or rent the space?
  • -Your budget?
  • -Comercial or residencial space?
  • -How much time you need to have your floors done?

What is your subfloor?

If you have a concrete or wood subfloor you can install laminate floor, engineered wood floor or floating wood floors, if would like to install any type of solid hardwood floor on a concret subfloor, you will need to built a wood subfloor, you can install 1/2 thick plywood or thicker in order to install a solid hardwood floor. “normally solid hardwood floor comes with 3/4 of an inch. All the wood floor board needs to be nailed to the subfloor.” when floors boards are less than four inches wide you can isntall the wood floors with nails but if you choose a wider wood floor planks you will need use glue under the floor boards and then nail them, “it’s not  recommended to install solid hardwood floors over a cement or concrete subfloor due to high humidity and moisture levels”

What color and design are you looking for?

Laminate floors nowadays comes with a wide range of colors and designs, if you found  one that you were looking for, it’s fantastic! but if you want a desired color and design that you can’t find on laminate floors you will have the option of  pre-finished hardwood floors or even install unfinished hardwood floors and sand, stain, finish and polish it. It’s a lot more expensive than install a laminate floor because you will pay a lot more for unfinished floors, for wood installation and finally to sand, stain and finish it and you have also to consider the type of subfloor you have. of course that the durability of the unfinished wood floors is much bigger than a laminate engineered or floating wood floors.

Do you own or rent the splace?

when you are planning to install a new wood floor or laminate you need to think about how long you will be in that place, if you are renting a comercial space or apartment we would recomnd you to go with a laminate floors steady of a hardwood floor or engineeded floors wich requires glue to be installed. Installing the laminate floor will save glue, nails or even a new subfloor, you will need only a vapor barrier, a foam underlayment and the laminate floors, and sure the laminate floors are less expensive than all these wooden floors- Now if you own the space or apartment and you plan to live there for A long time you can consider having an unfinished wood floors, pre-finished or engineered floors, it will cost you more now, but you if you do the right choices and all the wood installation properly you will have a good wood floor system for many years to come and sure you will add value to your property, needless to say that real solid wood floors brings warmth, beauty and add value to your house or apartment.

What is your budget?

If you are short on your budget and you want to have a nice floor installed, laminate will be definetely your choice, you can find many different types of laminate floor, some of them expensive but most of them comes with a very low and good price, sure installing it the right way and with a licensed and insured contractor you will get a very nice floors for many years to come.

If you can afford to install solid wood floors you will have many options from unfinished hardwood floors to prefinishing wooden floors and also a less expensive engineered floors. normally people installs the solid wood floor over wood subfloor but if you have a concrete subfloor you can also go with a new wood subfloor, and after this install your new solid wooden floors.


Is it a comercial or residencial space?

If you are in comercial space, we recomend you to go with laminate floors “needs to be a good one” parquet floors, engineered wood floors, ceramic tile, porcelain , vct tile floor or any stone floor.

Now for residencial you can go with all the options that we have described before and also with all solid wood floors “in order to install vct tile floor on your house we recommend most on kitchens, bathroom and laundry room.


How much time you need to have your floors installed?

Considering all the types of wood floors that we had talked above we would definitely go and recomend you to install laminate floors, installing laminate floors can be faster than all types of wood and engineered floors, ceramic, porcelain and also vct floors, a good and licensed professional will install your new laminate floors, install mouldings and quarter rounds in a day or two, sure you will have to contract a good, licensed and insured proffessional to install your new laminate floors, we have many references and we are professionals in what we do, if you need any advice feel free to call or email us, even if you live in areas where we don’t serve we can help you to choose a good laminate floors, recommend some stores and help you choose a good flooring professional.

If you looking to make a flooring purchase of a great laminate flooring, solid hardwood floors unfinished or prefinished we recommend Floor Abc in New York


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