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Many homeowners choose laminate floor replacement when searching for ways to remodel or update the house. This versatile flooring choice allows consumers to have the look and feel of wood, stone or any other material without having to pay the high prices associated with the real thing. This material is easy to maintain and is suitable for any room in the house.

Homeowners can install laminates that mimic real wood in the kitchen, bathroom or other places where moisture is an issue. Real wood in these rooms is not an option because the high humidity can cause damage. There are no such worries with quality wood laminates. This material features an embossed texture to simulate real wood grain.

Laminates made to mimic stone provide the luxurious look and feel of genuine stone but provide benefits beyond the lower price. This material is warmer on bare feet during the winter. Unlike real stone, it will not chip or crack on impact.

Laminates makes it possible to blend different flooring options together seamlessly. It is virtually impossible to make a seamless transition between stone and wood or other natural materials. With laminates from the same manufacturer, it is possible to create a smooth threshold between two rooms.

Tiles made of this material look like granite, marble and other luxurious stones. Embossed textures looks just like the real thing. Manufacturers cut the edges with a bevel to mimic real grout lines.

Laminate has a composite fiberboard base with a sturdy backing layer for structural integrity and durability. A photographed or printed pattern lies on top of the base. The manufacturer covers the pattern with a layer of melamine or resin. This top layer is clear to allow the pattern to show throw and provides a protective barrier for the material underneath it.

This flooring option is simple to maintain with no special cleaners or equipment needed. Loose dirt and debris will easily sweep or vacuum up. Homeowners can wipe up any liquid spills with a soft cloth. This durable flooring material will last even in high traffic areas and is a great option for households with small children and pets.

The resistance to moisture makes laminates a good choice for damp places. Many homeowners use this flooring in finished basements. If the base is concrete, area rugs can provide additional cushioning and warmth.

Individuals who enjoy doing their own home improvement will find this material simple to install. The material is available in planks with tongue-and-groove edges that snap or glue together. Laminates are also available shaped like rectangles and squares.

Homeowners searching for laminate floor replacement options will find affordable choices to suit any need and budget size. Anyone can have the luxurious look and feel of natural stone or real wood without the high price and maintenance hassles. This durable material stands up to high traffic and will last for years with minimal maintenance. It is an affordable alternative for homeowners who want to update any room with new flooring on a budget.


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