Laminate Floor Installation or Prefinished Floor Installation

Before you take the the decision on what type of floors you will have installed, think just in some aspects of both: pre-finished or laminate floor?

Everybody knows that a pre-finished hardwood floor comes ready to be installed and so the laminate floors, a pre-finished hardwood floor comes in planks of diffrent sizes and comes already sanded, stained when is the case and finished with many coats of polyurethane, a prefinished hardwood floor will last many yeas to come and so the laminate Flooring but if you need to sand a laminate floor it will not work, laminate is not real wood so it means that after many yeas if you have your laminate floors scratched or buckling due to bad installation process or water damaged you will have to replace everything. Now if in the same situation you have a prefinished hardwood floor installed, you will be able to replace damaged floor boards, if you have a water damage or if you want to refinish everything, you will be able to do so.

prefinished hardwood floors are much expensive than the laminate floors so is the labor hand to install and also you will need to consider the type of subfloor you have now, if you have concret subfloor and want to install a hardoowd prefinished floor you will need to have a wood subfloor installed.

Laminate Floor Installation or Prefinished Floor Installation

In other hand installing a laminate floor system you will save money because you can do a laminate floors installation in any subfloor surface, you can do it over vct floor, old hardwood floor, any stone floor, concrete and wood subfloor “just when installing over ceramic or stone floor you will have to pay attention to the grout lines, normally they are really small and less than a 1/4 of an inch but if its bigger than that you will need to apply cement or grout to have both surfaces leveled.

if you have any questions regarding installing laminate flooring, engineered flooring ,hardwood flooring ,sanding or resanding floors feel free to contact us, we are a licensed and insured flooring company and we will be really happy to be able to help you, even if you live a an area where we don’t serve, we will do our best to help.


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