Laminate Floor Installation or Engineered Floor Installation

If you are ready to install your new flooring and you are in between installing laminate floor or engineered floor we will try to help to choose what will be better for you, but if you have questions that we don’t talk here ,fell free to call or email our office for further laminate flooring help.

First thing you will need to know is what is your subfloor, if you have carpet or vct or even old wood floor you will need to know what is under and over the subfloor. Lets say you have concret sub floor, having a concret subfloor makes easy to install laminate or engineered floor. Engineered floor is installed normally using a good quality glue or using staples “we don’t recomment using staples to install engineered floors”. Having concret subfloor you can also install the laminate flooring or engineered flooring

Why we don’t recommend install engineered wood floor using staples?

We have been installing engineered wood flooring for a very long time and installing engineered floor using staples when you have a wood subfloor is a lot cheaper than using it with glue, just for instance, with a bucket of glue you can install around 200 to 300 sqf of engineered wood floor and bucket of glue starts from about 70 usd and goes up to 200 usd while you can install about 300 to 400 sqf of engineered wood floor with a single box of staples, you can purchase a box of staples for under 40 usd, it looks like you should go with staples if you had a wood subfloor but we recommend always go with a good quality glue which would be cost near 200 usd per bucket.

Laminate Floor Installation or Engineered Floor Installation

The good advantage using a good glue to install engineered wood floor would be about “squeaks” when you install all engineered floors with staples you will have some squeaks coming from your floor”squeaks are those ugly noises that comes from your floor when you walk over, sure you can install the same engineered floor using glue and yet hear some squeaks but in this case the squeaks will come from your wood subfloor and not from the engineered floor boards “before you get any type of wood floor or stone floor installed if it will be installed over a wood subfloor you will need to inspect all your subfloor for squeaks and also for levelling” so you don’t have your new floors installed over a wood sub floor full of squeaks and ugly noises when you walk over it, and also over a unlevelled wood or concret subfloor.

We did realize that installing the engineered wood floor using staples will show some small squeaks, nothing against using staples to install engineered floors, actually is much easier and cheaper using them but we want our customers to know about it before they contract us for any engineered flooring work.

Now installing engineered floor over a concret subfloor is recommended, and they work really well with it, you just need to install the moinsture barrier and check the humidity and temperature of the room before installing the flooring and then you can have your new engineered wood floors installed “before any wood floor installation you need to leave all your floor material inside of your house to get aclimatizated for at least 72 hours and after this time just check the temperature and humidity of the room, specially if you will install it over concret or in a basement. Get a licensed and insured engineered floor installer to do all this work, you don’t want to spend lots of money and get a crap installation, you want to get a professional and guaranteed floor installation.

Now installing the laminate flooring, you can install it over a wood subfloor or concret subfloor, installing the laminate floor will be less expensive and also faster, you don’t need to leave the laminate floors for 72 hours to get acclimatized, you can leave it for around 2 days with same normal temperature of the space where you plan to install it, laminate floor will not require glue nor staples to install it because they are a floor that needs to move over a subfloor and when installing don’t forget to leave 1/4 of an inch around all walls and under door jams “you will not have any gaps around door jams, but you will need to make sure not to leave the laminate floor tight or too close to the wood that goes under the door frame” actually this space of 1/4 of an inch is for all types of wood floor, solid, laminate and engineered floors, all floors needs to have this space around them or your floors will buckle up and you will have serius problems with your laminate floor system.

Laminate Floor Installation or Engineered Floor Installation

When installing new laminate floor or any other wood floor you will have the option to remove your existing base moulding so you can go with your floors under that or you can leave your base mounding and leave a space of 1/4 of an inch between the wood floor and your base molden and then when all the floors are installed you have a 1/4 quarter round shoe moulden installed.

We provide a complete laminate floor work, from removal existing ceramic tile, laminate floor, solid wood floor, carpet, vct, cart away all the garbage if there’s needed in order to install laminate floor, engineered floor, solid hardwood floor, prefinished and unfinished hardwood floor, removal and installtion of new base moulding, quarter round moulding and subfloor leveling. All our flooring installing, sanding, staining, finishing and repair comes with guarantee and also references from real clients. We are licensed and insured with laminate flooring profesionals ready to help with all your wood flooring and stone needs. If you have questions that we did not talked about here, feel free to contact us today and talk to one of our flooring specialists, we’re here to help !


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