Laminate Floor Installation or Ceramic Tile

If you are thinking about installing ceramic tile or laminate flooring  you will need just to consider some aspects and also your budget. Let’s start with the budget aspect.

Ceramic tile material will be much expensive than the laminate flooring material, also you will have to consider your subfloor type, if you have plywood subfloor and you want to install ceramic tile, porcelain or other stone floor you will need to build a subfloor properly to receive ceramic tile or stone, normally you can do it installing a layer of underboard or beckerboard, you can find all these materials at Lowe’s or Home Depot for a very good price, and sure needs to be a professional work, you need to have someone that understands about this so you don’t built a subfloor that will allow all your grout lines get cracked and pieces of ceramic tile starts to loose from the subfloor. We have been installing ceramic tile for many years and we also provide ceramic tile repairs, we can tell you that we have seen many subfloor built for ceramic tile the wrong way and the results of all this is that you will loose all tiles, labor and subfloor material and have start from the beginning again, what we sugest you is always get some references and sure a licensed and insured flooring professional.

You will have to consider also that a labor hand to install a ceramic tile is much expensive than a labor hand to install laminate floor, it is much expensive and you can search around for this and you will find that most of tile installation labor costs is almost 4 to 5 times more than the same installation for laminate floor.

You will have to consider time involved on both laminate floor and ceramic tile floor installation, we can install from 500 sqf to 1000 sqf of laminate floor in a day while installing the same size of ceramic tile in an open room would take between 2 and 3 days, the example we just gave is for an open room and time may vary depending if we will have to provide many different laminate floor or ceramic tile cuts to fit them near walls, under door jams, under cabinets and so on. But anyway most of ceramic tile installation will take a minimun of 2 days do be completed, this is because we install the ceramic tile at the first day and normally we come back the second day for a ceramic tile grout application. We also can do a small room of ceramic tile on a single day, we can use a product named “speed thin set” wich will gets dried in half of an hour and after this you can grout all the tiles spaces, but this is only for small spaces, it’s a little hard to work with this product because you can’t mix too much speed thin set, if you don’t use it fast, it will dry inside of your bucked and you will loose time,  thinset and bucket because you will not be able to remove it from there without breacking the bucket. so just if you are experienced with this product and if you will install only a small area of ceramic tile, because it’s not recomended for large areas.

If you are thinking about installing ceramic tile on bathroom’s walls or kitchen’s walls you are definitely right, also on bathroom, kitchen floor, laundry room walls and floors and also on basement floors, these areas of large humidity and moisture and sure on kitchens, laundry room, bathroom where you will work with water all the time. Laminate Floor is strong but is not undestrutble, so in this situation we don’t recommend laminate floor installation. Steady of laminate floor installation, in the kicthen and some bathroom floors and if you will be carefull and not spread water , you can go with a laminate floors installation “when you have ceramic tile installed you really don’t need to worry about water”

A ceramic tile floor well installed with a good subfloor, well thinked and planned, and if you choose a good ceramic tile product all these will give you a floor for life, it lasts so much time that you can’t even think about it, we have been doing ceramic tile replacement work, replacing all ceramic tile for new ceramic tile in places where the ceramic tile was installed more than 30 or 4o years ago, it really depends on the work labor and material used in the past, it really worths to have a good labor hand and material so you will not have any problems in the near future.

We wish you good luck with your decision of installing laminate or installing ceramic tile and if you have any questions about your flooring project that you dind’t find on our Laminate flooring web site feel free to contact us by phone or email, we are licensed and insured flooring professionals and we are ready to help you with your flooring project and again if you live in an area where we don’t serve and you need some helping hand fell free to talk to us,we will be glad to help you !


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