how to repair Laminate Flooring

as we know laminate floor is not real wood floor, and at some point this is good because most of laminate flooring nowadays is very resistent against scratch, or damaged caused by the water, moisture, humidity and for that reason many people install laminate floors in theirs bathroom and kitchen. Laminate floor has many beautiful options and stiles to choose from alied with a low price if compared with prefinished hardwood floor, unfinished hardwood floor or engineered wood flooring. With that said it makes a good option to go with the laminate floors steady of real wood floors, but laminate flooring is not indestructible and if you damage a floor board or if you have a water damage you will need to make a laminate flooring repair on your floors.

how to repair Laminate Flooring

When you have to replace a single laminate floor board and this is near to the walls it will be a easy laminate floor repair, but if you have to replace a laminate floor board in the middle of a room it will be more complicated, but if you get a good professional you can succeed very well with the repairs. So if you have to replace a laminate floor board, let’s say in the center of a room, you have two options: option 1 is to desinstall the laminate flooring till you can replace the damage laminate floor board and option 2 is replacing the sigle board by cutting around the floor seams and you will need another person to help you lift the floor edges and try to fit the laminate floor board in place, in both situation you will need a very good professional to provide these laminate floor repairs.

Another situation wich happens a lot is: when you call an installer that is not so experienced or doesn’t do his work properly is not leaving 1/4 of an inch expansion space around the laminate floors, where the wood floor meets the wall and also under all the door frames as you can see below. You have to slide the laminate floor under the jams but you need to calculate a space of a 1/4 of an inch, the floor needs to be loose, you can’t hold or nail any laminate flooring, they needs to be free of anything or they will buckle up in a short time. Around the walls you will need also to have a 1/4 of an inch expansion space, if you have base mouldens installed and you don’t want to remove them and install after the laminate is installed you can install a quarter round shoe moulding.

“some installers when installing the laminate floors Underneath the door cases, they press the floors too much and the floors can’t move how it should happen, then after some time you will have the floors bucling up”

for more questions regarding laminate floor repairs, replacement or new laminate floor installation, feel free to call or email us. We are Licensed and Fully Insured laminate and wood floor professionals, we are a family owned and operated Flooring Company. We are experienced in laminate floor, engineered Flooring, floating flooring, solid hardwood floor installation, sanding and refinishing.

if you need your laminate flooring to be repaired and you need a free in home estimate, we offer free estimates with no obligation! if you want to talk to a laminate floor professional now, feel free to talk to us and we will do what we can to help you with all your Laminate flooring needs.


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