How To Install Laminate Floor

How To Install Laminate Floor – The use of laminate flooring has gained popularity since its invention in 1977. This is an easy to install flooring product made with multi-layer synthetic and fused together using a lamination process. Its inner core layer usually consists of fiber board and melamine resin materials. It simulates wood and has a photographic layer below a clear protective layer. This article explains how to install laminate floor.The reasons for the popularity of this product are numerous. Firstly, it is easier to install, clean and maintain compared to other traditional flooring. It is also affordable, durable and hygienic. In addition, it gives the floor a classic and beautiful appearance.The product is packaged in groove and tongue planks that can be easily clicked into each other. Start by stacking the flooring for about 48 hours before installing to acclimatize it and remove temperature plus humidity which can interfere with the planks. Remove plastic wrappings from the boxes and allow sufficient space around each box so that air can circulate freely.Then clean the subfloor to remove debris or dirt. Remove the base molding using a hammer and pry bar then lay out the vapor barrier. Do this row by row starting from the longest wall of the room. Follow the directions of the laminate flooring manufacturer when joining two barrier sheets together. Some require you to overlap the vapor barrier while others require each row to be butted against the previous one.

Trim the door jambs by laying the flooring flat on the subfloor, up against the door jambs. Use this as the guide when marking the jambs to enable the new flooring to slide smoothly underneath the jamb. The jambs should be cut parallel to the sub-floor to give it a beautiful, finished look.

Install the first row by laying the planks parallel to the longer wall. The first planks should be installed with their grooves towards the walls for best appearance. Put some half inch spacers against the wall to create spaces for expansion, allow floor to breathe and give it a firm base. Place these spacers along the wall after about every 12 inches.

When installing the flooring, match groove to tongue for each plank. Use a scrap piece of flooring to tap it into place. Stagger the joints of the flooring when installing subsequent rows. Offset each new row 6 to 8 inches to avoid lining up the ends of planks row by row. This could create an unattractive uniform look and weaken the floor. When it is time to install the last plank, trim it so that it can fit. Finally install the base molding and thresholds between any open doors where the floor ends and at the end of the flooring. Then remove spacers and cover the expansion gaps using base molding.

If you would like to save money by doing it yourself, then this guide on how to install laminate floor could be helpful. When you use the right tools and follow the manufacturer’s instructions accurately this process becomes easy and stress-free. At the end of the exercise, you are able to step back and admire your accomplishment and your beautiful room.

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