Costs of laminate floor installation

The costs of laminate floor installation depend upon a number of factors. If you are considering having this type of flooring installed in your bathroom or kitchen, it is important that you are clear on what outlay can be expected. Although the expense can be high, the overall return on investment is likely to be great, especially when considering the practicality and durability of the material.

As a rough estimate, expect to pay anywhere from five hundred dollars to a little over a thousand to install laminate flooring in a kitchen than has a floor space of ten by ten. As mentioned above, the price does vary considerably depending upon a host of factors. For example, the type of laminate used is an important consideration. Glued floating would cost a different amount than glue-less which in turn is not the same price as floating.

Apart from the actual type of laminate used, another factor that will impact on the outlay is the actual charge of the installation company. It is likely that you will be given a range of different quotes should you contact three or four contractors. Most professional tradespeople charge different rates for their labor costs. The highest quote does not necessarily guarantee the best work, but the businesses with the lowest rates perhaps are best avoided.

If you are do hire a contractor, make sure you get an estimate put down on paper before agreeing to have the work done. By doing so, you should ensure that the outlay will not change upon being presented with an invoice. The estimate you are provided should give a clear indication of both labor charges and material cost.

To save money you can always do the work yourself. If you have access to the right selection of tools and are willing to get down on your hands and knees it is possible to finish the work in a single day. If you are thinking of doing so, make sure that you take the right measurements, you would not want to trim the flooring to the wrong size.

If you do hire a professional, they should provide some sort of warranty on the new floor. This may be given by the actual retailer or the contractor. Either way it would be an assurance that your new floor will remain in good standing for a specific amount of time.

Whether you decide to do the work yourself, or hire the services of a professional installation company, it is important not to cut corners. Your kitchen or bathroom’s flooring should be of a high quality, if not you may have problems with dampness and mold. A quality floor can serve a real practical purpose while also looking great.

At first glance, the costs of laminate floor installation may seem high, but the outlay is money well spent. It can add to the value of your home and help you to maintain a clean bathroom or kitchen. Once installed, the laminate should last for many years without any serious signs of wear.


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