Cleaning your Laminate Flooring

After all laminate floors installed properly it’s time to vacuum and clean all the space, the first time we do it it will be more work to be done but after this you will clean your laminate floors with some products that you can easily find at any floor store, Home Depot, Lowe’s or
you can just search for that on the internet you will find many different brands and tools for a perfect laminate flooring cleaning, the important thing here is never, never use a wet mop or wet cloth with water, if you do this the water will get into the seams of the laminate floor boards and it will start to warp, little by little and it will start to buckle up and if you do this many times you will end up having to replace the floors, if for any reason you get water on your laminate floors just clean it as fast as you can so the water doesn’t go inside the laminate floor boards but its seams.

Cleaning your Laminate Flooring

Each laminate floor cleaner product that you purchase will come with manual instructions in what you can do and how you will clean your laminate floors, this is really simple and the results are really impressive, when you clean your laminate floors the right way and with the right cleaner it will bring your floors back to life again, they will looks exactly like when they were first installed.

Before you start cleaning your laminate floors you will have to vacum all the floors first, you need to remove all the dust from all the flooring and then start to clean the floors, Placing doormats or walk-off mats at each entryway will collect excessive moisture and dirt before they enter your home.

You can find good laminate floor cleaners at: Home Depot , Lowe’s , and you can search on the internet for any laminate floor cleaner.

If you will move your furniture to clean under that is important to lift and carry it away, never drag it around or you will scratch or damage the edges of the flooring boards. You can use pieces of carpet to help move heavy furniture, this way one person drags the carpet slowly and the other person pull the heavy furniture and also do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool or scouring powder.

As you must know laminate flooring are not real wood flooring so it means also that you can’t do top coat of polyurethane them, you can’t buffer your laminate floors either sand or refinish it, so never think of trying to do it.

Even with your laminate floor clean do not place a large amount in one spot, and if you do, start cleaning right away, you don’t want to get the liquid inside the laminate floor boards, it will expand the seams from the flooring

we hope we can help you with you laminate flooring installation, care, repair and also replacement if you come to need it, we are licensed and Fully Insured Flooring company with over 20 years experience installing laminate wood floors and all types of wood floors install, sand, finish, buff, wax, top coat and all refinishing work, if you need to talk to a professional,feel free to call or email our office,we are here to help you,even if you are in a state where we don’t serve we may be able to help you with you laminate floor needs!


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